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SATEX B.V. Is a family company and was founded in the year 2011 In the initial phase of our company we had a capacity of 2500 kg per day of textile we could handle. Very motivated, we will work to meet all the needs of our customers and grow on our own strength. The growth of our company is still continuing and at the moment we have won a very good place in this sector.

At the moment we have a processed capacity of 25,000 kg and grow in a very fast manner and prepare us quickly for the future. SATEX B.V. Is currently 5% shareholder in this sector. As SATEX B.V. We have a strong policy and expertise in the market, helping us tailor all customers.

We are currently working world wide and our customers grow at home and abroad together with SATEX B.V. For a better and trusted relationship as a family.

We are also aware of the quality, product type and quantity that our customers need in their region. We do weekly research to maintain this quality as well as to keep our customers aware of during their purchase.

Our work has gained value that we can not measure with money but prove. Our service with our domestic and foreign customers is very good and this has made us a trusted name and that we have formed a very well-known brand like SATEX B.V.

As SATEX B.V. We have gained a very good reputation abroad and can proudly say we do our best to maintain this. Through this action we have gained a larger group of customers and a higher place in our sector for a short while, we are grateful to you.

Our method brings our customers in a familiar situation. We know our sector very well and work non-stop to grow and take our place.

Company Satex
Company Satex B.V.

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