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Recycling Sector 

Textile Recycling Sector:  Our Sector

In the Netherlands, Textile Recycling has begun in 1949 and is clearly evident and continues to grow. Since the beginning, this sector has taken a recognized place in our society and various rules have been applied to this.

Nowadays, you can not throw away any textile waste, for this purpose there are various textile waste containers where the textile is deposited for further processing.

To collect this textile, there are recognized companies that have the permission and necessary documents for processing this textile.

Every year, around 70,000 tonnes of textiles, shoes and ready-to-wear clothes are collected in the Netherlands and an average of 80,000 tons imported. Imported textiles come largely from Germany, following Belgium, France and other European countries. On average, there will be 130,000 tonnes of textile

Exported to overseas. The export textiles come in different regions of various

Countries, the first of which comes from Africa whose regions make the most of the textile. Africa is Asia's largest continent with 53 independent states, both in areas and in populations.

It consists of 30,244,050 square kilometers (mainland and islands together), which is 20.3 of the total land area of ​​the earth. It is inhabited by more than 850 million people - about one-seventh of the world's population. They also come in Asia, Middle East, Morocco, Far East, North America and European countries.